Were you caught driving over the speed limit? Did you drive with a suspended license?

Protect your driving record

Offences prosecuted under the Highway Traffic Act (HTA) are not criminal charges in Ontario, but they are severe. While drivers are not facing criminal consequences, offences such as careless driving and stunt driving are considered the most serious violations under the HTA. Additionally, drivers who fail to remain at the scene of an accident can also face charges under the HTA.

Being found guilty of any of these offences can result in a number of disastrous consequences such as vehicle impoundment, fines, spikes in insurance rates and jail time. It is also possible that these changes will affect employment opportunities for those in the transportation industry who require a clean driving record.

Beware of your rights and the charges against you

The charge is imposed when a driver drives without reasonable care or attention to other drivers. 

This offence can be charged as an alternative penalty to a DUI which is considered a favourable result.

This charge is laid when a driver operates a motor vehicle on a highway in a race or contest while performing a stunt on a bet or wager. 

Majority of stunt driving charges arise when a driver is caught driving 40 km/h or more above the speed limit where the maximum limit is less than 80 km/h. Or when a driver is caught driving 50km/h over the speed limit on all other roads or highways.

This offence is charged when a driver is caught driving a vehicle on a highway with a suspended driver’s license.

This charge arises when a driver and passengers in a vehicle, directly or indirectly involved in an accident, fail to remain or immediately return to the scene of the accident.

In addition, this offence is charged when a driver and passengers fail to render all possible assistance and fail to provide pertinent information to anyone sustaining loss or injury or to any police officer or witness.

Your intentions may have been to have some fun

HTA charges like stunt or careless driving can arise from several driving actions such as excessive speeding, illegal car modifications, tire squealing or drifting. 

While your intentions might have been to have some fun, it could result in harsh penalties against you. That’s why we recommend you consult with our criminal lawyers to assess your case and receive the expertise you need to avoid profound implications. 

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