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Drivers in Ontario who fail to remain at the scene of an accident can be charged with two separate offences. Drivers can be charged with a violation of the Highway Traffic Act of Ontario if they Fail to Remain or with a violation of the Criminal Code of Canada if they Fail to Stop their vehicle following an accident.

Both charges entail varying details and implications. A driver charged under the Ontario Highway Traffic Act may face minor penalties compared to the dire consequences under the Criminal Code. 

Those convicted of these offences can face serious repercussions, including monetary fines, driver’s license suspensions of up to two years, a significant increase in insurance rates, and jail time.

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A driver is charged with this offence when a driver knew or was reckless as to whether the vehicle had been involved in an accident and without reasonable excuse failed to:

  • Stop the vehicle
  • Provide name and address
  • Offer assistance to a person who appeared to be injured


This charge is issued when a driver refuses to provide a breath or bodily fluid sample or perform a sobriety test.

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